HairShampooBrae Revival Reconstruction Shampoo Home Care 250 ml - 306 Spa

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The Brae Home Care Range has been developed to bring highly damaged and weak hair back to life. Engineered from an innovative formula, the revival shampoo contains a fusion of vitamins that finely create new structures in areas where hair is most damaged hence leaving your hair stronger, more elegant and healthier.




Active ingredients:
Wheat Protein
• Serves to repair the keratin layers in damaged hair, restoring hair volume and shape
Silk Protein
• Minimises hair porosity and lines up the cuticles. This results in soft, silky and flexible hair, making it an important active ingredient for fortifying the hairs elastic effect
• A deep-acting, long-lasting moisturizer that possesses restorative and protective properties to enrich hair elasticity and flexibility by working its way through root to tip. Panthenol rebuilds damage caused by dyes, perms and other chemical treatments without compromising on weighing down hair.
• Rich in polysaccharides, natural vitamins and amino acids that acts as a biological anchor by storing water in hair fibres to improve the silkiness and vibrance of the hair. These properties combine to produce a nourishing and revitalizing hair treatment procedure.
How to use and apply Step by Step
Contains: 1 x Revival Shampoo
Please note: It is recommended you use the Revival conditioner alongside the Revival shampoo to get the best results
1. Begin by applying the revival shampoo to wet hair. Massage the shampoo on the scalp and work into a lather
2. Rinse the shampoo
3. Apply the Revival conditioner and beginning from the tips and working your way down carefully through massaging the hair and combing strands with your fingers until untangled.
4. Allow the product to sit for a few minutes and then rinse



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